Lent a time to reflect on the value of redemptive suffering

“Whenever there is silence around me
By day or by night —
I am startled by a cry.
It came down from the cross —
The first time I heard it.
I went out and searched —
And found a man in the throes of crucifixion
And I said, ‘I will take you down’,
And I tried to take the nails out of his feet.
But He said, ‘Let them be
For I cannot be taken down
Until every man, every woman, and every child
Come together to take me down.’
And I said, ‘But I cannot bear your cry,
What can I do?’
And He said, ‘Go about the world —
Tell every one that you meet —
That there is a man on the cross.’


Archbishop Fulton Sheem ” A Man on a Cross”

“Do not feel that suffering is an obstacle on the road to heaven; it can be the road itself.” – Archbishop Sheen

  I give myself to God.

Here is my body. Take it.

Here is my blood. Take it.

Here is my Soul, my Will, my Energy, my Strength,

My Property, my Wealth – all that I have. It is Yours.

Take it! Offer it! Offer it with Thyself to the Heavenly Father

In order that He, looking down on this Great Sacrifice,

May see only Thee, His Beloved Son, in Whom He is Well Pleased.

Transmute the Poor Bread of my Life into Thy Divine Life;

Thrill the Wine of my Wasted Life into Thy Divine Spirit;

Unite my Broken Heart with Thy Heart;

Change my Cross into a Crucifix.

  Let not my Abandonment, and my Sorrow, and my Bereavement go to Waste.

Gather up the Fragments,

And as the Drop of Water is Absorbed by the Wine at the Offertory of the Mass,

Let my Life be Absorbed in Thee;

Let my little-Cross be Entwined with Thy Great Cross,

so that I may Purchase the Joys of Everlasting Happiness in Union with Thee.

  Consecrate these Trials of my Life which would go Unrewarded, unless United with Thee;

Transubstantiate me so that like Bread which is now Thy Body,

And Wine which is now Thy Blood, I too may be Wholly Thee.

I care not if the Species Remain, or that, like the Bread and the Wine,

I Seem to all Earthly Eyes the Same as before.

My Station in Life, my Routine Duties, my Work, my Family –

All these are but the Species of my Life which may Remain Unchanged;

But the Substance of my Life, my Soul, my Mind, my Will, my Heart –

Transubstantiate them, Transform them Wholly into Thy Service,

So that through me all may know how Sweet is the Love of Christ.

Amen  Venerable Archbishop Fulton Sheen

Come to the Cross, from the cd, “Divine Mercy Flood My Soul”


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