New CD, ” A Gift for Our Lady” dedicated to Our Lady of Fatima


A Gift for Our Lady, dedicated to Our Lady of Fatima

New CD dedicated to Our Lady of Fatima

Fatima is on the minds and hearts of everyone this special Centennial Year. The highlight was May 13th with Pope Francis’ canonization of the Jacinto and Francisco Martin. The youngest non-martyr children to be canonized.

This Centennial Year of Fatima, I released a new CD in honor of our Lady of Fatima, titled “A Gift for Our Lady.” I would like to share with you why this particular CD and year are so important for me personally.

Many years ago, after an encounter with Divine Mercy that left me in tears, I headed to confession the next day. My penance from the priest was to spread the message of Divine Mercy the rest of my life. From this experience came my first recorded song, “Divine Mercy Flood My Soul”

Six CDs later and 25 years in ministry, I have fulfilled a dream of mine in recording a CD titled, “A Gift for Our Lady” in honor of Our Lady of Fatima. I had not really planned on recording and releasing this project in the Centennial Year of Fatima, but by God’s providence it coincided with this special year.

Growing up in a large Catholic family, all eight of us children were consecrated to Our Lady in the womb of our mother. She taught and fostered in us all a love and devotion to Mary. I was born in the Marian Year of 1954 so it is no surprise that I have been devoted to her for many years.

What is surprising as is the case for many of us, are all the ups and downs in life that make up our journey through this life. How comforting to know we have a heavenly Mother who accompanies us along the way.

One of the songs on this new cd titled, “ A Gift for Our Lady” is a song about newly canonized St. Teresa of Calcutta. The song is called, “ In the Shadow of Our Lady.” The lyrics are set to Indian music to capture the culture where St. Mother Teresa spent most of her life. St. Teresa of Calcutta, walked through the streets and slums of Calcutta with a rosary wrapped around her hand. She shared with her sisters, this was a reminder to her that our Lady was with her at every moment despite the darkness and overwhelming situations she encountered. My prayer is that this song will remind you too, that Our Lady walks with you.

The song that highlights Fatima, is a song called “I Am Yours.” After my first trip to Fatima in 1997, I came home with a strong desire to consecrate myself to Our Lady. After the consecration, I was given this special song, and have shared it many times throughout the years. The cd includes original songs as well as favorites such as O Sanctissima, Our Lady of Knock, Hail Queen of Heaven, the Ocean Star.

My prayer is that when you hear these songs, they will soothe you and remind you of the loving presence of our Heavenly Mother.



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Annie Karto