The “Me Three” Movement, Dad, Mom, Baby!

Mom, Dad and Baby

“Me Three Movement, Dad, Mom and Baby

In this present culture we have a lot of movements, but I want to introduce the “Me Three Movement”! This came to me after praying and considering all that is taking place in our culture today.

Please understand in this post I am not criticizing women with credible sexual assault claims speaking out against their perpetrators in the “me too movement.” Instead, as a woman, a wife, a mother, and a grandmother, I am seeking to highlight the worst form of abuse that targets our most innocent, the assault against the baby in the womb! Since women can use their voices to call out injustice, what about the fathers? The babies? Three are involved in this miracle of life, along with the most important, the Creator of all life.

Sometimes one must shake off the complacency so rooted in our culture, and view the graphic images of a child, a life being formed in its mother’s womb, forcibly torn out in pieces and thrown away in a garbage pail. “This is assault in the highest form! Where are the voices from the women on the left as little girls are abused and discarded from the womb?

God speaks to us all so beautifully in scripture and mentions the womb! “Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you before you were born I dedicated you.”  

This post is also not intended to shame or blame anyone who has had an abortion. God forgives you and so do I. His mercy is greater than any sin we can commit, the scriptures are full of His mercy towards all of us sinners.

Hear St. John Paul 11 words on abortion;

 “We Are Dealing With Murder … The Deliberate Killing of an Innocent Human Being’ ” A nation that kills its own children, is a nation without a future.” Pope St. John Paul 11

Speaking on EWTN before his death, during the Obama administration, Fr. Benedict Groeschel told viewers, “I’m asking you all to face the fact that the murder of children is being foisted on the United States by the most pro-abortion government we have ever had, and you must speak up loudly. We are in a very serious situation. The United States could be precariously on the edge of its own destruction. Please do everything possible to bring to attention to those in government and religious positions that we cannot countenance the killing of babies for human convenience.

“Please, do not allow the United States to corrupt its own heart by the acceptance of the murder of children,” he said. “Pray for the president, the vice president, and Congress that the Holy Spirit will change their hearts.”

Thank goodness we have a pro-life president in Donald Trump!

No president is perfect, but he has stood firm in his pro-life belief, and in appointing pro-life judges to the Supreme Court. Now it is  time to do our part. We must as Fr. Benedict Groeschel urged, “speak up loudly”! We can do this by showing up at the polls and making sure we are informed and vote pro-life candidates into office.

Are we willing to fast, pray, vote, and do everything within our power to ensure that pro-life candidates will be elected?

Rise Up! Answer the call!

I will end sharing a song I wrote, “Rise Up All People!” A song, a plea to defend the dignity of life, marriage and religious freedom..

“Rise Up All People” annie karto

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Annie Karto