Lent, a time for Divine Mercy

“yet even now, return to me with your whole heart” Job 2:12 Jesus, in His Divine Mercy is inviting us…

Lent provides us with a time to return to the Lord with our whole heart. I think the interesting word in this scripture is the word “whole.” Jesus desires all of us, not just part of us. He desires to heal those places in our hearts that we have hidden away, maybe through shame and hurt.

Several years ago, I was blessed to join Mona Rahael in recording the CD, “Fix Your Gaze Upon the Face of Mercy.” This CD can be found by clicking on the link with title, above.

Mona is the founder and director of the Sanctuary of The Holy Family in Trinidad. This amazing ministry established over 20 years ago, has conducted many retreats, conferences and outreach programs. The common theme for Sanctuary of the Holy Family is to bring God’s Mercy to anyone who is hurting and in need of His Mercy.

My own life was changed dramatically by an encounter with God’s Mercy, in which the song, “Divine Mercy Flood My Soul” was inspired. This song is also included on the CD.

Mona’s voice is filled with the Holy Spirit as she guides us through prayers of gazing at the Merciful Heart and Face of Jesus. I thank God for this holy compilation CD, for the gift of our friendship and for this time of Lent, where we can all count on the Merciful Father to welcome us back no matter how far we have strayed. Don’t wait! The Father of tender mercies is waiting for you.

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