Graduations, Grandkids, Gratefulness!


Sawyer graduates from High School

Grandson Sawyer, Graduating class of 2018 with grand daughter, Lindsey


May always brings about graduations, grandkids, and gratefulness in our lives for joyous celebrations! This year, my grandson, Sawyer graduated from Danville High School in Indiana. My husband and I were blessed to witness him receive his diploma. I can always remember how old Sawyer is because he was one of the millions of babies born in the new millennium the year 2000.

My husband and I moved to Florida in the year 1997 from our hometown of Indianapolis, Indiana. This recent visit made my heart bittersweet as I enjoyed my grandchildren who are fast growing up! I was able to take grand daughter Lindsey and her younger brother, Seth, both siblings of Sawyer, to Turkey Run State Park for trails, tubing down Sugar Creek and a time to get away from it all.

I realized how very much I have missed my family, the Midwestern landscape, my roots.

“Bloom where you are planted” my spiritual director always told me.I have certainly tried, but my heart and my family are in Indiana, and I will always call it “home.”

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Annie Karto