Christ is Passing By- Encounter with the Eucharistic Lord


Recently, my mother met me at a conference in Springfield, MO. The Strengthening and Healing Conference. Please visit their website at Fr. Philip Scott, Family of Jesus Healer, along with Mark Mallett and myself were the presenters. The talks all seemed to flow well together with a message of Healing, Repentance and Mercy. Our Lady of Fatima, and Her 100th celebration this year of 2017, also was a theme. Our Eucharistic Lord was the focus of all who were blessed to attend.

People were also drawn to my mother. She radiates Christ to others, and her love and faithfulness shine through her. Unconditional love pours out of her like a healing river.

Shelly Pichler, along with her husband Eric and family hosted all of us at their home and parish, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, in Springfield, MO. We thank them for their “yes” to God!

Several years ago, I wrote a song, “Christ is Passing By” This song speaks of encountering Jesus along the way. May we all take the opportunity to encounter Jesus in the Eucharist as often as possible.

“If I could touch the hem of His garment. If I could look into His eyes. Won’t you help me draw closer. Fear has kept me paralyzed. Christ is passing by. Will He hear my cry? Does He know my name? See my tears of shame? Will He notice me? Look into my eyes and see? I am most in need of His Mercy. Christ is passing by.” Christ is Passing by…..

Christ is Passing By- Encounter with Jesus in the Eucharist

My 90 year old mother, encounters Jesus in the monstrance, with Fr. Phillip Scott

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Annie Karto