I just attended the women’s retreat at sacred heart Fleming island and was so inspire by your words….and song…. thank you!!!

Dianne Farmer

I will be lifting you in prayer as you prepare and minister at the Conference January 19. Our Lord be with you. ❤️

Katy Tunbridge

Hey beautiful Annie, It’s your studio angel lol 😇 🎤 Absolutely beautiful song .. I could listen to your gorgeous voice all day

David Dyer

I love to listen to monks sing/chant. Is there a webpage that has this without messing with Utube?

Regina Harty

Hi Annie, I just got off the phone with Ellen about contacting Immaculee for next year’s conference and I went to your website and saw your comments. It was an awesome experience for us. God bless, Regina


I love your new song, “I Am Yours!”


Love Your Music. Thank You, and God Bless You.

Dave Mulanax

What a beautiful voice! Can sense the Lord and Mother Mary working through you. Wishing you many more decades of Their Blessings.



Beth Rosales

Hi Annie! I am pretty sure I met you with the apostles of the interior life many years ago on a pilgrimage to Italy!! I hope you are well!