“Singing for Our Lady” in the Centennial Year of Fatima


Singing for Our Lady of Fatima in the Centennial Year

Singing for Our Lady of Fatima at Syracuse Women’s conference to over 1,000 women

“Singing for Our Lady” in the Centennial Year of Fatima has been a great blessing! I have traveled to California, Texas, Kansas, and most recently, my husband and I were part of  the Syracuse Women’s Conference in N.Y. The theme for this year, “In Search of a Servant’s Heart” brought over 1,000 women to this special conference. The main speakers were Fr. Michael Gaitley, Sr. Ignatia Henneberry, O.S.F. and Michael Dopp. The UN Pilgrim Statue of our Lady of Fatima was brought by the custodian, Mrs. Judy Studer, for all to see and venerate.

One of my highlights was seeing over 1,000 women joining me in singing, “Overshadow Me.” Many years ago, my grand- daughter, Lindsey taught me some hand motions to this song, which was written by my sister, Theresa. The joy of the Holy Spirit was truly present among the women, and having the special UN statue of Our Lady of Fatima was truly a gift. I was able to share the song I wrote after a trip to Fatima in 1997, “I am Yours.” What an honor and blessing it has been to sing for Her this special Centennial Year.

Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us!

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Annie Karto