Mrs. Magoo goes to Rome


Annie at Vatican, May 2015

My husband, Dave encouraged me to use some frequent flyer miles to visit Rome this past May.

Much to my dismay, on the third day there, I dropped my wallet while getting off a bus.

As you can imagine, with money and credit cards within the wallet, I was rather dismayed, and certainly tempted to accept that all was lost.

Because of my sometimes “absent mindedness” my husband refers to me as “Mrs. Magoo” Those of us old enough will remember that beloved character, who seemed to go through life with someone mysteriously taking care of him as he faced one peril after another. As I returned to the convent where I was staying, I looked somewhat defeated, although I continued to offer prayers to God that it would show up.

As I walked in the convent, one of the sisters greeted me excitedly in Spanish, telling me with hand motions someone had called and they turned my wallet into a small Tobacco shop near the Vatican. When I arrived there the next morning, a man and his son, the owners of the shop, greeted me with smiles. Inside my wallet was all my money and both credit cards! Mrs. Magoo, or answered prayers, I will let the reader decide!

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Annie Karto